Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Side Lesson 2: Karaoke

Chiang3 Sing
Go1 Song
Diao5 Counter for songs
Gai5 A possessive word (like Mandarin's ?), also a general counter
Kuang2 Type, kind
Hou7 Give
Siao7 Like
Hiao2 Can, able to
Yiot8 Not too (Ex: bho yiat ho - Not too good)
Gat4 With
Kiang6 Talented, good
Tia`1 Listen, sound
Sia`1 Voice, sound, noise
Mo2 Bad
Hi`6 Ear

*Special thanks to Tony for providing the voice clip for this Lesson!

Leu2 ai`3 chiang3 mit4gai5 go1?
What song do you want to sing?

Leu2 ai`3 chiang3 mit4 kuang2 go1?
What type of song do you want to sing?

Ua2 ai`3 chiang3 mang7 mang7/me2 me2 gai5 go1.
I want to sing a slow/fast song.

Gao3 leu2.
Your turn.

Chiang3 go1 hou3 ua2 tia`1.
Let me hear you sing a song.

Ua2 chiang3 go1 bho5 yiot8 kiang3.
I'm not that good at singing.

Ua2 m7 hiao2 chiang3 go1.
I don't know how to sing.

Yuang6 naaaa7, chi3 toi`2.
Come on~, try it.

Ua2 chiang3 gat8 leu2.
Alt: Ua gat leu chiang
I'll sing with you.

Responses to someone's singing ability


Leu2 chiang3 go1 ho2 tia`1.
Your singing sounds good. (You are good at singing.)

Leu2 jing1 kiang3.
You are very talented.

Leu2 siang7 kiang3.
You are the best.

Leu2 chiang3 go1 siao6 Lao1 Dek4 hua6/Dio`1 Hak8 iu2/Heng1 Hui1.
You sing songs like Andy Lau/Jacky Cheung/Faye Wong.

Leu2 gai5 sia`1 siao6 angel gai5.
Your voice is like an angel.


Leu chiang go mo tia.
Your singing is not good.

Ua ai li diao ua gai hi!
I want to rip off my ears!

Aaaaah! Ua hi lang ou/liao!
Aaaaah! I'm deaf!

Jak si nang!
Wake the dead!

Leu chiang go siao Sang Bao Tai/De` Siu bhung/N*Sync/sai.
You sing songs like The Twins/Sammi Cheng/N*Sync/crap. (Sorry I just don't like Sammi's voice :P)

Jao kui! Ua ai gak muet gia lot leu!
Go away! I want to throw things at you!

Leu chiang siao u ngiao do leu gai ao leng doi.
You sing like there is a cat in your throat.

Ua gai jeje/didi/gao hiao chiang ho gue leu.
My older sister/younger brother/dog can sing better than you.



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