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New iPhone APP

Yiging ngou ni ou! Ua mjai jigai BLOG hasi do!
It's been 5 years already! I didn't know this BLOG still existed.

One big piece of news in the Teochew learning world, an iPhone App has been released by the fine folks at TCKnow LLC. I highly recommend it as a portable dictionary and phrasebook and it even has audio. The APP only costs $1.99, please go out and buy the APP to support them!

Check out this application on the App Store:
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Grammar Point: Si 死 Really

Although Si 死 means "death" by itself, it can also mean "really" when it is preceded by an adjective. It has a more stronger meaning than Jing 真. So Ngang Si 冷死 is colder than Jing Ngang 真冷.

Adjective + Si


Ho Si.
Really good.

Ngang Si.

Really cold.

Betying Si.
Really stupid.

Ot Si.
Really difficult.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Grammar Point: Jing 真 Really

Jing 真 means "really" and can be used just like in English.

Jing 真 + adjective


Jing Ho.
Really good.

Jing Ngang.

Really cold.

Jing Betying.
Really stupid.

Jing Ot.
Really difficult.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Teochew in Hong Kong Movies

Sometimes when watching Hong Kong movies you can find a number of references to Teochew people and sometimes you can even hear some spoken Teochew in them. Off the top of my head here are some movies:

The God of Cookery: Stephen Chow says "pu nia bho" in it.
Love Undercover 2: After getting demoted Miriam Yeung says something like "ua si diojiu nang, ua bho ketki nia."
Eagle Shooting Heroes: Tony Leung speaks a combination of Cantonese and very bad diojiu. I posted a clip here.
Young and Dangerous III: The priest speaks a short line of diojiu in it.
Stowaway: One of the members speaks diojiu.
The Attractive One: Lau Ching Wan plays a diojiu nang who says that diojiu males are chauvanistic, but responsible.
Enter the Phoenix: Yuen Biao's triad family are diojiu nang that swam from Diojiu to Hong Kong. (Many Diojiu nang actually arrived in Hong Kong that way, so I hear).

Movies I have not seen but heard there are Diojiu references in there:


I'll try to add more later!


Spoken Teochew in a Dutch Commercial!

A funny commercial that has alot of spoken Teochew in it! It's even more amazing since this wasn't even a commercial made in China, but rather the Netherlands. See how much you can pick up!


Cambodian/French Romanization System

While in Cambodia last year, I noticed that alot of businesses there were owned by Teochew people. You could tell because they had their own way of translating their business's name in Chinese characters to english. For the english name, they would commonly just spell out how they would say Chinese words using english.

I later found that this romanization scheme is actually based on the French way of pronouncing Teochew words. Here are some examples, with the pengim used on this site on the left, Chinese character in the middle, and Cambodian romanization on the right:

Modern | Character | Cambodian
Heng 興 Heng
Li 利 Ly
Li 李 Ly
Li 呂 Ly
Bung 文 Bun
Dang 陳 Taing
Chua 蔡 Chhor
Eung 黃 Ung
Dong 忠 Tong
Sio 謝 Chea
Lai 來 Lay
[ ] 辛 Sim


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Teochew Downloads


Random Teochew Notes

  • Common romanized TC last names: Taing (Dang
  • ), Ung (Eung ), Chhor (Chua ), Chea (Chia ), Tea (Dio` ). If you meet anybody with these last names, they are probably TC.
  • If you go to the University of Washington, you can find a TC-Mandarin dictionary at Gowen East Asia Library. The dictionary uses official Guangdong pengim.
  • "Teochew" in Japanese is
  • ちょうしゅう(Chou Shuu).
  • Leu gai mama
  • 汝个妈妈 is Teochew for "Yo mama."
  • Hak Seng
  • 学生 is how you say "student" in Teochew AND Korean.
  • Q: What did the Korean camerman say when he arrived at the TC B-day party?
    A: Annyeon-hot-sia- ou! (Ohh the cheeze)

  • 周星驰 swears in TC in 食神. 楊千嬅 speaks TC in 新紮師妹 2.
  • Li Ka-Shing, richest man in Asia, is TC. Woohoo TC power!
  • "Diojiu nang jiat guchaigue (
  • 韭菜粿), man they love their guchaigue." Because it's true!
  • 77% of the Chinese in Cambodia are TC.
  • 56% of the Chinese in Thailand are TC.


Teochew Romanization Systems(Peng-Im)

At first glance Teochew romanization can be confusing. Commonly, you will see two main romanization systems for Teochew. The official one is the Guangdong romanization system, and the other one is the Gaginang system, which is essentially a modified version of the Guangdong system.

The Guangdong system can be quite difficult to figure out. If you know Mandarin pinyin, the readings will make a little more sense to you. As it is the official romanization system, it is used in dictionaries and learning materials in Chaozhou. For more info on this system, please go here.

The Gaginang system takes the Guangdong system but simplifies it to make a little more sense to English users. Take 潮州 Teochew for example. In the Gaginang system, 潮州 Teochew actually sounds like how it is written (with an English "J" sound for "Jiu"). In the Guangdong system, you would read the "Ziu" in Dio Ziu like a Mandarin "Z." This site uses the Gaginang system, but if there is enough demand, I'm willing to create a Guangdong romanization version of the lessons.

Here are some examples of the differences:

Gaginang system (Guangdong system)

潮州 Teochew = Dio Jiu (Dio Ziu)
green = Che (Cên)
to go = Keu (Ke)
six = Lak (Lag)
ten = Jap (Zab)
hot = Yuat (Ruah)
Nazalization = ` (n)


Teochew Sentance of the Week

This section will have some random Teochew sentances updated weekly (hopefully). Come learn some new words!

Gengni Lakguet ua bekniap.
I'm graduating in June this year.

Piangnang! Leu da` leu bho jiat bhat/nek!
Liar! You said you don't eat meat!

Deung ua soi, ua hat jiat "Dua Bet Tou" gai teung.
When I was small, I liked eating "Big White Rabbit" candy.

Jaiguang mai juang taojai gai chia.
Be careful not to hit the car in front of you.

Gia iu mayik leu bisai. Nek/tak i gai kacheung!
Good luck on your competition tomorrow. Kick their butts!

Ua hang dou-iao.
I'm still hungry.

Do lothou ngiao gat gao.
It's raining cats and dogs.

Eng Diojiu ue joni da`_?
Using Teochew, how do you say _?

Jiatbeung ba bue?
Finish eating yet? (Full yet?)

I deungja do lai toi diangsi. Bukgue jijung yi koneng keu jeudiam.
伊當早在内睇电视。 不过只陈伊可能去书店。
He just was watching TV. But now he probably went to the bookstore.

Ua hiao chianggo gat tiaobu ho/kiang gue Iong Joujeu...Ua himo.
I can sing and dance better than Joey Yung...I wish.

Jiolim Gonghu ho, Jiolim Gonghu bang, Ua si Tittao Gong~, Leu si Gimgang Tui~
少林功夫好耶, 少林功夫棒, 我是铁头功~, 你是金刚腿~
Shaolin Kung Fu is great, Shaolin Kung Fu is wonderful, I am Iron Head~, You're Mighty Steel Leg~

Gueni ai` lai liao, jijung keu soi leu gai saibe!
过年欲来了, 只陈去洗汝个屎[ ]
New Years is almost here, right now go clean your toilet!

Gueni ai` lai liao, nang ho kiot diot angbao!
过年欲来了, 俺好拿着红包!
New Years is almost here, we can get red envelopes!

Daige, duimju ua kat gue sidua, mgidek muet sing gujeu!
大家,对唔住我卡过死惰, 唔记得物新句子!
Everybody, sorry for being lazy, I forgot to make new sentances!

Leu no nang do siome mitgai? Dolongjao, i bho yiot hotoi go.
汝两人在相骂乜个? 埭弄糟, 伊无若好睇
What are you two arguing about? Oh please, s/he is not that good looking.

Mai pat ou, mai pat ou, chia` hiot! No nang pat jigai nang bho gongpeng! Ua mama do digo!?
勿拍, 勿拍, 请歇! 两人拍一个人无公平! 我妈妈在底块!?
Don't hit me anymore, don't hit me anymore, please stop. Two people attacking one person is not fair! Where is my mom!?

Sia`dang joit kuailak gat Singni kuailak!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Li Siao Long si ua gai enghiong.
Bruce Lee is my hero.

Leu sidua gue tang.
You are lazier than a worm.

Deung yi jiat heugai pinggue ho, yi jiaksi jao keu cheso. Koneng heugai pinggue hou yi doutia.
After he ate that apple, he immediately ran to the bathroom. That apple probably made his stomach hurt.

Ua mjai leu hiao da` Angnam ue.
I didn't know you could speak Vietnamese. Joy duc oi!

Ua bho gat leu da`!
I'm not telling you!

Ua tia` diot chuksi` do ngiaocheu ni gai nang siang chongmeng.
I hear that people born in the year of the rat are the smartest.

Leu gai ehai toi siao gingjio.
Your chin looks like a banana!

Diangnao gat gue gui. Keu eng dou jeu guang gai engdi miang ji`!
Computers are too expensive. Go use the library's one because it is free!

Ua mjai yi si leu gai di, yi toi siao leu gai mue. Da` seung.
我无知伊是汝个弟, 伊睇肖汝个妹。呾玩。
I didn't know he is your younger brother, he looks like your younger sister. Joking.

Sung I-Jeu gai go, Diojiu Ue bang: Ti ou ou, ai` lot hou, kougue teung, kat koukou, koukou...
孙燕子个歌,潮州话版: 天黑黑,欲落雨,苦瓜汤,卡苦苦,苦苦...
Sun Yanzi's song, Teochew version: The sky is dark, it will rain soon, bittermelon soup, is too bitter, too bitter...

Dangsi mama, ua mai keu takjeu, hou ua keu uk do deung.
但是妈妈, 我勿学书, 给我去夗在转。
But mom, I don't want to go to school, let me go back to sleep.

Leu gai tao mo deung siao leu gai je. Ga diao ga diao!
Your hair is long like your older sister. Cut it off cut it off!

Leu ai` sio pat mai!? Dangsi ua diot sai gat leu da`, ua bak E. Honda gai dek gong "Bet Chiu Pat!"
汝欲相拍勿!? 但是我着先合汝呾, 我别 E. Honda 个特攻"百手拍"!
You wanna fight!? But first I must tell you, I know E. Honda's special attack "Hundred Hand Slaps!"

Kisek ua bho yiot gia`, engdi ua hiao gak huegiu.
Actually I'm not that scared, because I can throw fireballs.


Side Lesson 4: How To Make Jell-O

Op Box

Bao Package
Hung Powder
Holou After 好了
Do Pour
Yuat Hot
Ngang Cold
Yip In
Iao-Iao Stir [ ]
Chong Stir [ ]
Io` Dissolve, melt

Bang Put
Sung Du Refrigerator 冰橱

Che` Gue Fruit
Ping Gue Apple 苹果
Ging Jio Banana 弓蕉
Pu Do Grape 葡萄
Ga Orange
Gek Tangerine
Suai` Mango [ ]
To Peach

Lai Pear

1. Chue jigai dua ua si bua.
Find a big bowl or pan.
觅一个大碗[ ]盘。

2. Kui Jell-O gai op gat doibai gai bao, holou do Jell-O gai hung yip ua.
Open the Jell-O box and the package inside, then pour the Jell-O powder into the bowl.
Jell-O 个盒合[ ] 边个包,好了倒Jell-O 个粉入碗。

3. Do no bue yuat jui yip ua
Pour two cups of hot water into the bowl.

4. Iao-Iao i/chong gao hung io`. (Koneng no hung jeng)
Stir until the powder dissolves. (About two minutes)
[ ][ ]
/[ ]到粉融。(可能两分钟)

5. Do no bue ngang jui yip ua.
Pour two cups of cold water into the bowl.

6. Iao-Iao i/chong ditgia ge.
Stir it a little more.
[ ][ ]
/[ ] 滴仔加。

7. Bang yip sungdu si diam jeng.
Put it in the fridge for four hours.

8. Biyu ai` bang chegue yip Jell-O, sai bang do sungdu je diam jeng bua`, holou do chegue yip. Bang do sungdu sa` diam jeng bua ge.
If you want to add fruit into the Jell-O, first refrigerate it for one and a half hours, then pour the fruit in. Refrigerate it for three and a half more hours.
比如慾 放青果入Jell-O ,先放在冰箱一点钟半,好了倒青果入。放在冰箱三点钟半加。

9. Ho jiat bho nang jai.
It’s so tasty, nobody knows.


Side Lesson 3: Lao Fu Zi

1. Lau Hu Jeu: Dio` Siao Je!
Lao Fu Zi: Miss. Dio`!

Dio` Siao je: Chia Yip Lai.
Miss. Dio`: Please come in.

2. Dio` Siao je: Keu kao bai seung.
Miss. Dio`: Go outside and play.

3. Lau Hu Jeu: Leu didi?
Lao Fu Zi: Your little brother?

4. Dio` Siao je: Ua gai gia!
Miss. Dio`: My child!

1. Lao Hu Jeu: Lim Siao Je!
Lao Fu Zi: Miss. Lim!

2. Lao Hu Jeu: Hot gu bho toi! Leu ho mo?
Lao Fu Zi: Long time no see! How are you?

Lim Siao Je: Lao Hu Jeu! Leu ho mo?
Lin Xiao Jie: Lao Fu Zi! How are you?

4. Lim Siao Je: Si Lao Hu Jeu!
Lin Xiao Jie: Die(Damn You) Lao Fu Zi!

5. Lao Hu Jeu: Bet ying! Ji` bao do ji go!
Lao Fu Zi: Idiot! The wallet is here!
老夫子:白仁! 钱包在只块!

6. Chak: Joi sia!
Theif: Thanks!

1. Lao Hu Jeu: Geng-yik nang lai sio pat gao di-diang si!
Lao Fu Zi:Today we will fight until someone dies! (I can't translate it accurately!)
老夫子:今天人来相拍到底 diang 死!

B: Lai!
B: Come!

4. Ma da: Wei! Leu no nang muet mitgai?
Police: Hey! What are you two doing?

2. Lao Hu Jeu: Ai you! Dang Siao Je do e bai!
Old Master Q: Aiya! Miss. Chen is below!
老夫子:哎呀! 陈小姐在下边!

3. Chek Lao
Seventh Floor.

5. Dang Siao Je: Lao Hu Jeu gai lai gao lou!
Miss. Dang: I arrived at Old Master Q's house.

6. Lao Hu Jeu: Xixi! Lot hou ah!
Old Master Q: Hehe! It's raining!

5. Ki Gai Nang: Leu gai go kat dua sia, jak diot chuang dua lao!
Angry People: Your music is too loud, it disturbed/woke the whole floor!

Lao Hu Jeu: Leu da` gai (ue) si do di go (lai gai) ue? Ua tia m lot/bak!
Old Master Q: Where is the language your speaking from? I don't understand!
老夫子:汝呾个()是在底塊(来个)话?我听唔 lot/bak!

6. GuangHu ue

Diojiu ue

MinNam ue

HakGiang ue

YikBeung ue


Side Lesson 2: Karaoke

Chiang3 Sing
Go1 Song
Diao5 Counter for songs
Gai5 A possessive word (like Mandarin's ?), also a general counter
Kuang2 Type, kind
Hou7 Give
Siao7 Like
Hiao2 Can, able to
Yiot8 Not too (Ex: bho yiat ho - Not too good)
Gat4 With
Kiang6 Talented, good
Tia`1 Listen, sound
Sia`1 Voice, sound, noise
Mo2 Bad
Hi`6 Ear

*Special thanks to Tony for providing the voice clip for this Lesson!

Leu2 ai`3 chiang3 mit4gai5 go1?
What song do you want to sing?

Leu2 ai`3 chiang3 mit4 kuang2 go1?
What type of song do you want to sing?

Ua2 ai`3 chiang3 mang7 mang7/me2 me2 gai5 go1.
I want to sing a slow/fast song.

Gao3 leu2.
Your turn.

Chiang3 go1 hou3 ua2 tia`1.
Let me hear you sing a song.

Ua2 chiang3 go1 bho5 yiot8 kiang3.
I'm not that good at singing.

Ua2 m7 hiao2 chiang3 go1.
I don't know how to sing.

Yuang6 naaaa7, chi3 toi`2.
Come on~, try it.

Ua2 chiang3 gat8 leu2.
Alt: Ua gat leu chiang
I'll sing with you.

Responses to someone's singing ability


Leu2 chiang3 go1 ho2 tia`1.
Your singing sounds good. (You are good at singing.)

Leu2 jing1 kiang3.
You are very talented.

Leu2 siang7 kiang3.
You are the best.

Leu2 chiang3 go1 siao6 Lao1 Dek4 hua6/Dio`1 Hak8 iu2/Heng1 Hui1.
You sing songs like Andy Lau/Jacky Cheung/Faye Wong.

Leu2 gai5 sia`1 siao6 angel gai5.
Your voice is like an angel.


Leu chiang go mo tia.
Your singing is not good.

Ua ai li diao ua gai hi!
I want to rip off my ears!

Aaaaah! Ua hi lang ou/liao!
Aaaaah! I'm deaf!

Jak si nang!
Wake the dead!

Leu chiang go siao Sang Bao Tai/De` Siu bhung/N*Sync/sai.
You sing songs like The Twins/Sammi Cheng/N*Sync/crap. (Sorry I just don't like Sammi's voice :P)

Jao kui! Ua ai gak muet gia lot leu!
Go away! I want to throw things at you!

Leu chiang siao u ngiao do leu gai ao leng doi.
You sing like there is a cat in your throat.

Ua gai jeje/didi/gao hiao chiang ho gue leu.
My older sister/younger brother/dog can sing better than you.


Side Lesson 1: Still Teochew

Still Teochew Mp3 (Right-click to save)

Yo, still diojiu nang after all these years
representing sua` tao how you like me now
jik no sa, still the original diojiu soi gia a huh
let me break it down for y'all
diojiu nang jiat gu nik
diojiu nang jiat ki jui
diojiu nang cha gu chai gue
man they love their gu chai gue
diojiu nang jiat mue
diojiu nang also jiat de`
diojiu nang jiat he and he bhi
diojiu nang love he jou
man they love their he jou
diojiu nang cha gue diao
and of course diojiu nang jiat beung
diojiu nang jiat goi neung
cause how else you gonna make (ou wa)?
man diojiu nang they got to have their (ou wa)?
diojiu nang cha giam chai
diojiu nang jiat huang jeu
and of course diojiu nang eat a lot of heu
heu, if you meet a diojiu nang they'll say leu ho
and if you give them something and they say joi sia
ask them something they might say ua mjai or they might say ua jai
but if they don't know they'll say jing sik
ho ho, say thank you and diojiu nang be like mai ket ki
but never get a diojiu nang angry cause if you do they will call you bet ying
and never ask a diojiu nang for money cause then they'll say ua bho ji ua bho ji
jik no sa from the original diojiu soi gia
si ngou lak chik boit gao jap, to all my diojiu homies around the world what's up


Dio7jiu1 nang3 jiat2…
Teochiu people eat…

Gu7 nik2 Beef
牛肉 *Oversas TC usually say Gu1 Bhat2
Ki5 jui2 Soda; Pop
汽水 *many people also say Ga1 Jui2
Gu7 Chai2 Gue2 Leek cakes
Mue2 Congee
De5 Tea
He5 Shrimp
He5 bhi2 Dried Shrimp
He jou ?
Cha6 gue6 diao2 Wide Rice Noodles (Chow Fun)
Jiat2 beung2 Eat rice 食饭
Goi1 neung6 Chicken Egg 鸡蛋
Ou wa Oyster Pancake
Giam7 chai2 Pickled Vegetables
Huang1 jeu5 Potatoes 番薯
Heu7 Fish

Phrases & Misc:

Sue1 gia2 Bad/Unlucky Child
Joi7 sia7 Thanks
Ua2 m7 jai1 I don't know 我唔知
Ua2 jai1 I know 我知
Jing1 sik8 Really 真实
Mai5 ket8 ki3 Don't worry about it 勿客气
Bet5 ying2 Stupid person; Idiot 白仁
Ua2 bho5 ji`5 I don't have any money 我无钱


Lesson 10: Daily Schedule.

Ua boit diam che`.
At 8:00 I wake up.

Ua sakou ho, ua chiu ghe, holou jiat muetgia.
换衫裤好,我刷牙, 好了食物件。
After changing my clothes, I brush my teeth, and then go eat something.

Gao diam jo baseu keu takjeu/jotgang.
九点坐巴士去读书/作 ;功。
At 9:00 I take the bus to school/work.

Japyi diam keu jiat dong ngou/chang.
十一点去食中午/餐。 ;
At 12:00 I go eat lunch.

Deung ua deung lai ua jiat ditgia muetgia gat toi diangsi, huosi ua gat pengiu puet ue.
当我转内我食 滴仔物件合睇电视, 或是合朋友o皮话。
When I get home, I eat a little something and watch TV.

Lak diam ua keu jiat beung.
At 6:00 I go eat dinner.

Jiat beung ho, ua chuk kaobai ungdong jek e.
食饭好,我出外边运 动一下。
After eating, I go outside and exercise for awhile.

Yiplai dodeung, ua keu jangek.
近来在转,我去[ ][ ]。
After going back into the house, I take a shower.

Holou keu eng diangnao jo gangkue.
好了去用电脑做功课 。
After that I go use the computer to do schoolwork/work.

Jo ho, ua jio keu uk.
After finishing, I go to sleep.


Lesson 9: Telephone

Diang Ue Telephone 电话
Ho Be Number 号码
Chiu Ti Cellphone 手机
Yit Dial/Press
Ka Diang Call 敲电
Diang Tou Battery 点头
Sua Cord
Deung Line lost (hanged up)/broken
Me Si Night Time 暝时
Sing Se Mr. 先生
Chia` Meung Sorry to bother you/Ask 请问
Jik E Awhile
Chue Find/Looking For
Sai Chia Drive a car 开车
Jiu Jui Drunk 酒醉
Chuk Meung Leave 出门

Conversation 1
A: Leu gai diangue hobe gai si mitgai?
What is your telephone number?

B: Gai (Kang Ik Yi) Sa` Si Ngou - Lak Chik Boit Gao.
It's (012) 345-6789.

A: Ho, mayik gaodiam bua mesi ua kadiang keu leu.
Ok, tomorrow night at 9:30 I'll call you.

Conversation 2
A: Hello, jigai Liang Singse, chia`meung Io` Singse do bho?
Hello, this is Mr. Liang, is Mr. Io` there?

B: A Liang Singse leu ho mo? Io` Singse do, chia dang jik-e, ua keu gia i.
(Dui Io`Singse) Io` Singse tia diangue, Liang Singse kadiang lai chue leu.
Ah Mr. Liang how are you? Mr. Io` is here, please wait awhile, I'll go call him.
(To Mr. Io`) Th phone is for you Mr. Io`, Mr. Liang called to find you.
阿梁先生汝好吗? 杨先生在,清等一下,我去叫伊。
(对杨先生) 杨先生听电话,梁先生敲电来觅汝。

C: Liang Singse!? Gat i da` ua bho do, I ne ai` boi ua George Foreman Grill.
Mr. Liang!? Tell him I'm not here, he just wants to sell me a George Foreman Grill.
梁先生!? 合伊呾我无在,伊只慾卖我 George Foreman Grill

B: Liang Singse, joisia leu dang, bukgue duimju, kisek Io` Singse jiam chukmeung.
Mr. Liang thanks for waiting, but sorry, actually Mr. Io` just left.

A: Aiyo, ho. Mayik lakdiam deung i do jiat beung ua jai kadiang lai. Baibai!
Aiya, ok. Tomorrow when he is eating dinner at 6:00 I will call him again. Bye bye!
哎呀,好。 明日当伊在食饭我再敲电来。拜拜!

Conversation 3
A: Deung leu saichia mo eng chiuti, engdi bak gai nang da` toi siao leu saichia jiujui.
When you drive you can't use a cellphone because other people will think you are driving drunk.

B: He joni loibailak ua toi diot leu do saichia gat eng chiuti da` ue gat pengiu?
Then how come on Saturday I saw you driving and using your cellphone to talk with your friends?
[ ]

A: Mai sisua da`!
Quit talking nonsense!
[ ][ ]呾?

Conversation 4
A: Hello, Amanda Hugnkiss do heugo bho?
Hello, is Amanda Hugnkiss there?
Amanda Hugnkiss 在许块无?

B: Ho, dang jik-e, ua keu meung heu chot nang. Daige hiat da ue. Amanda Hugnkiss do bho? Ua ai` chue jikgai Amanda Hugnkiss.
Ok, wait, I'll ask everybody. Everybody quiet down. Is Amanda Hugnkiss here? I'm looking for Amanda Hugnkiss.
好,等一下,我去问许撮人。大家歇呾话。 Amanda Hugnkiss 在无? 我慾觅蜀个 Amanda Hugnkiss.

A & Daige: Bwahahaha

B: Pubhogia! Deung ua chue diot jigai didiang, ua keu suet leu!
*TC Expletive!* When I find out who this is, I'm going to kill you!
操母仔!当我觅着只个底[ ],我去杀汝!?

Conversation 5
A: Diangue hiang liao, meme tia diangue.
The phone is ringing, hurry up and pick it up.
电话[ ]了,猛猛听电话。


Lesson 8: Family

These definitions are all from your point of view.

Ge Teng Family
Baba Father 爸爸
Mama Mother 妈妈
Hia` Older Brother
Di Younger Brother
Je Older Sister
Mue Younger Sister

Father's Side:
Lai Gong Grandfather
Lai Ma Grandmother 内妈
Bet Uncle older than your dad
Jek Uncle younger than your dad
Gou Aunt
Tang Cousin

Mother's Side:
Ghua Gong Grandfather
Ghua Ma Grandmother 外妈
Gu Uncle
I Aunt
Bio Cousin

  • For the oldest sibling, uncle, or aunt, add a Dua before saying their position in the famly. Ex: Dua Hia` 大兄 is the oldest brother, Dua Bet 大伯 is the oldest uncle on the father's side, and Dua I 大姨 is the oldest aunt on the mother's side.
  • For the youngest sibling, uncle, or aunt, add a Soi before saying their position in the famly. Ex: Soi Di 细弟 is the youngest brother, Soi Jek 细叔 is the youngest uncle on the father's side, and Soi I 细姨 is the youngest aunt on the mother's side.
  • For siblings, uncles, or aunts in between the oldest and youngest ones add a number before saying their position in the famly. Ex: Yi Hia` 二兄 is the second oldest brother, Sa` Hia` 三兄 the third oldest, Si Hia` 四兄 the fourth oldest, and so on.
A: Leu gai geteng u gui gai nang?
How many people are in your family?

B: Ua gai geteng u # gai nang.
My family has # people.

A: Leu gai geteng u didiang?
Who are your family members?
汝个家庭有底[ ]

B: Ua gai geteng u a Ma, baba, mama, a hia`, dua je, soi je, ua, a di, gat a mue.
My family consists of my grandmother, father, mother, big brother, big sister, second big sister, me, younger brother, and younger sister.
我个家庭有阿妈, 爸爸, 妈妈, 阿兄, 大姐, 细姐, 我, 阿弟, 合阿妹。

A: Leu gai geteng jing dua.
Your family is really big.

B: Si a, yikyik do lai jaksinang.
Yeah, everyday at home is is very noisy (lit. wake the dead).
是啊, 日日在内[ ]死人。


Lesson 7: Travel

Li Gia` Travel 旅行
Gap Bik Luggage 呷必
Hu Jio Passport 护照
Gi Pia Plane Ticket 机票
Li Guang Hotel 旅馆
Bue Gi (Deng) (On the) Airplane 飞机()
Jo Sit

Mo Bad, not
Dou Iao Hungry 肚饿
Siao Po Crazy Woman 疯婆
Lou Hate
Gak Hung Wedding 结婚

Mui Gok USA
A Jiu Asia 亚洲
O Jiu Australia 澳洲
Ou Jiu Europe 欧洲
Dong Gok China 中国
Hiang Gang Hong Kong 香港
Gao Miang Cambodia 高棉
Uak Nam Vietnam 越南
Tai Gok Thailand 泰国
Sing Gia Pua Singapore 新加坡
Bhe Lai A Malaysia 马来亚
Ing Ni Indonesia 印尼
Huak Gok France 法国

Gia Na Dai Canada 加拿大

A: Boitguet yijapek ho ua keu Giajiu.
I'm going to California on August 21st.

B: Leu joni keu? Sai chia si jo buegi?
How are you getting there? Are you driving or riding a plane?
汝怎呢去? 开车或坐飞机。

A: Ua jo buegi. Ua jiam boi gipia.
I'm riding a plane. I just bought the ticket.
我坐飞机。 我刚买机票。

B: Jo yiot gu?
How long is the flight? (Lit. Sit how long.)

A: Koneng no diam jeng.
Probably two hours.

B: Oi ho, no diam jeng bho yiot gu. Dangsi leu diot jiat do buegi deng.
That's good, two hours is not too long. But you will have to eat on the plane.
会好, 两点钟无若久。 但是汝着食在飞机顶。

A: Si a. Ua jingsik bho hat jiat buegi deng gai muetgia. Mo jiat!
Yeah. I really don't like eating the food on the plane. Tastes bad!
是啊。 我真实无合食飞机顶个物件。 孬食!

B: Kisek ua hat jiat i gai muetgia, da` jigai ue ua dou iao.
Actually I like the food on the plane, talking about this makes me hungry.
其实我合食伊个物件, 呾只个话我肚饿。

A: Leu siaopua! Dangsi do buegi deng ua ho toi "Gat Li Pua Ta." Ua hat heugai hi`.
You crazy woman! But on the plane we get to watch "Harry Potter." I like that movie.
汝疯婆! 但是在飞机顶我好睇 哈里坡特。 我合许个戲。

B: Leu gagi siaopua! Ua siang lou heugai hi`! Joise, do Giajiu leu na do digo?
Your the crazy woman! I hate that movie the most! Well, where are you staying in California?
汝自己疯婆! 我上恼许个戲! 在生, 在加州汝住在底块?

A: Ua na do liguang.
I'm staying in a hotel.

B: Leu keu Giajiu muet mitgai?
What are you doing in California?

A: Ua diot keu ua gai pengiu gai gakhung gat ua keu hiusek. Leu jai do heugo u digo ho seung bho?
I'm going to a friend's wedding and going there to take a vacation. Do you know any fun places there?
我着去我个朋友个结婚合我去休息。 汝知在许个有底块好玩无?

B: Ua ne keu heugo jijua, soyi leu inggai meung leu gai pengiu. Dangsi ua tiadiot Disneyland jing ho seung. Leu inggai keu chi jiat In & Out Burger. Dangsi ua sio buegi deng gai muetgia ho jiat gue.
I've only been there once, so you should ask your friend. But I hear Disneyland is really fun. You should try eating In & Out Burger. But I think plane food taste better.
我只去许个一匝, 所以汝应该问汝个朋友。 但是我听着 Disneyland 真好玩。 汝应该去试食 In & Out Burger。 但是我想飞机顶个物件好食过。

A: Ua ai` kok leu jigai tao.
I want to knock you on the head.
我欲[ ]汝一个头。

B: Jaise` mai m gidek leu gai hujio gat gapbik. Pengang sung lou!
Well don't forget to take your passport and luggage. Have a safe trip!
在些, 勿唔记得汝个护照合呷必。 平安[ ]路!


Lesson 6: Chinese Restaurant

Chang Guang Restaurant 餐馆
Jiu Lao Restaurant 酒楼

Types of Food
Beung Rice

Bet Bhi Beung White Rice 白米饭
Cha Beung Fried Rice 炒饭
Mi Noodles
Gue Diao Rice Noodles 馃条
Cha Gue Diao Fried wide noodles (Chow Fun) 炒馃条
Teung Soup
Giao Wontons [ ]
Mue Rice Porridge

Diam Sim Dimsum 点心
Chung Gap Eggrolls 春卷
Si Iu Soy Sauce 酱油
Hiam Jio Chilli Pepper 辣椒
Iam Salt
Hou Jio Black Pepper 胡椒

Bhat/Nek Meat

Goi Bat Chicken 鸡肉
Deu Bat Pork 猪肉
Ghu Bat Beef 牛肉
At Bat Duck 鸭肉
Heu Fish
He Shrimp
Hoi Crab
Yeu Heu Squid 鱿鱼
Dao Hu/Guo Tofu 豆腐
Chai Vegetables

Jui Drinks

De Tea
Bet Jui Ice Water 白水
Ga` Jui/Ki Jui Soda 汽水
Jiu Alcoholic Beverage
Bhek Jiu Beer 啤酒
Gek Hue De` Chrysanthemum Tea 菊花茶
Ia Ji Jui Coconut Juice椰子水
Dao Jio` Jui Soybean Drink 豆奶水

Restaurant Stuff
Chai Dua` Menu
Dia` Dua` Bill/Check 帐单
Siao Hui Tip小费
Hia`/Di Waiter / (Depending on age)
Je/Mue Waitress

Deu Chopsticks

Teung Si Spoon 汤匙
Che Fork
Ua` Bowl
Bua` Plate
Bue Cup
De Bang Teapot 茶壶

Menu Items (Direct Translations)
Seung Hiam Teung Hot & Sour Soup
Heu Chi Fish Maw Soup [ ]
Si Chuang Gu Bhat(Nek) Teung Mi Sichuan Beef Noodle Soup
Hat To He Giu Honey Walnut Shrimp 合桃虾球
Jio Iam He Salt &Pepper Fried Shrimp with Shell 椒盐虾
Gong Bo Goi Kung Pao Chicken 宮保鸡丁
Diam Seung Goi Sweet & Sour Chicken 甜酸鸡
Dang Poi Goi Orange Chicken 陈皮鸡
Dang Ang Ja Jeu Goi Deep Fried Crispy Chicken 当红炸子鸡
Bak Gia` Piang Poi At Peking Duck 北京片皮鸭
Gio` Jap At Steamed Duck with Ginger 姜汁鸭
Je Chai Cha Mi Vegetables Chow Mein 蔬菜炒面
Cheng Cha Si Chai Stir Fried Seasoned Vegetables 清炒时菜
Boit Bo Chai Vegetables with Assorted Seafood (8 Treasures) 八宝菜

A: Gui nang?
How many people

B: _ nang.
# people.

A: Ji gai caidua`. Leu ai jiat/dia` mitgai?
This is the menu. What do you want to eat/order?
只个菜单。汝欲 食/定 乜个?

B: Ua ai` jiat/dia`: Jek ua` SeungHiamTeung, no bua` deu bhat cha beung, sa bua` goi bat ChaGueDiao, gat si bua` DangPoiGoi.
I want to eat/order: One bowl of Hot & Sour soup, two plates of Pork Fried Rice, three plates of Chicken Chow Fun, and four plates of Orange Chicken.
我欲 食/定:一碗酸辣汤,两盘猪肉炒饭,三盘鸡肉炒馃条,合四盘陈皮鸡。

A: Ai` jiat/dia` mitgai jui?
What do you want to drink?
汝欲 食/定 乜个水?

B: GekHueDe` gat ngou bue BetJui.
Chrysanthemum tea and 5 cups of ice water.

B: Jijung ua ai` seung ji/lui.
I want to pay now.

Requests: B: A je/hia` ho hou ua je sang deu gat ge ji gai bua` bho?
Can you(je for waitress, hia` for waiter) give me a pair of chopsticks and one more plate?
阿 姐/兄 能给我一双筷合加一个盘无?

Ordering: If you don’t know how to say the menu item, just say the number!
B: Ua ai` jiat/dia` doi` yijapchek ho.
I want to eat/order number 27.
我欲 食/定 第二十七号.


Lesson 5: School

Jo6 / Muet2 Do /
Hou1 / Hai6 / Giao Turn in (homework)
Tak8 Jeu1
读书 Study
Kao6 Chi7
考试 Take a test
Keu1 Tak8 Jeu1
去读书 Go to class
Lot8 Bang6
落房 Be done with class
Keu1 Hak8 Kao6
去学校 / Tak2 Jeu1 去读书 Go to school
Bang2 Hak2/He
放学/[] Be done with school
Ki3 Bang6
上房 Graduate to the next level

Hak8 Kao6
学校 School
Gong1 Kue1
功课 Homework

Ho6 Seung2
好玩 Fun
Cha1 m Do7
差唔多 So-so

A: Leu2 ji1 jung1 keu2 di7go7?
Where are you going right now?

B:Keu2 tak8 jeu1.
Going to class.

A: Keu2 tak8 mit4gai1 bang1?
What class are you going to?

B: Siao1 Ot8, Eng1 Bhung5, Dong1 Bhung5
Math, English, Chinese
数学, 英文, 中文

A: Heu3gai5 bang1 ot8 m7 ot8?
Is that class difficult?

A: Leu2 geng1yik2 gui2diam2 bang2 hak8?
What time do you get off class today?

B: Ua2 _diam2 bang2 hak8.
I get off class at _.

A: Jai3 se1, leu2 _diam2 u ai2 bho5?
Well then, are you free at _?
Jai se,

B: M7 ai2…Ua2 geng1me5 diot2 jo2 gang1 kue1.
I'm busy, I have to do homework this evening.

A: Leu2 deung1 si5 diot2 hou1/hai6 lao6seu5.
When do you have to hand it in to the teacher?

B: Ma1yik2.

A: Ho1, joi3 se1 jok8 hok8!
好,joi se祝福!


Lesson 4: Recreation & Time

Di7 Go7 Where 底块
Loi6 bai3 Day of the week… 礼拜
Ging1, Ma1, Ao3…Yik2 Today, Tomorrow, Day after tomorrow 今明后
Ji1 jung1 Right now 只陈
Do6 At
Ai`2 Free
Sio`6 Think
Keu1 Go
Toi`2 Watch, Look, See
Diang6 Hi`5 电戲
Jiat6 Eat
Beung2 Meal, rice
He1 Then…
Jo7 ni1 Why

A: Wei! Leu2 ging1yik2 ai`2 m7 ai`3?
Hey! Are you free today?

B: M7 ai`2.
I'm busy.

A: He1 ma1yik2 ni1?
Then how about tomorrow?

B: Ma1yik2 u7 ai`2. Jo7 ni1?
Tomorrow I am free. Why?

A: Sio`6 m7 sio`6 ma1yik2 keu2 toi`2 (diang6) hi`5 mai5?
Alt: Ma1yik2 ai`3 keu2 toi`2 (diang6) hi`5 mai5?
Do you want to watch a movie tomorrow?

B: Ho2, gui2 diam2 keu2 toi`2?
Ok, when do you want to go watch?

A: Sa`1 diam2, ho2 mo2?
How about 3' O clock?

B: Ho2, chia2!
Ok, bye!


Lesson 3: Color & Sizes

Do you have ...?

Kat4 Too
Jing1 Very
Kat4 Gue1 "So" (as in 'so big') 卡过 (Kat4 Gue1 dua7 卡过大)
Gue1 More or "-er" (as in cheap-er)
(Pi`1 Gue1 宜过)

Gui7 Expensive

Pi`1 Cheap

Sek2 Color
Ang2 Red
Nam1 Blue
Che1 Green
Hung7 Ang2 Pink 粉红
Ou7 Black
Bet2 White

Dua7 Big
Soi3 Small
Dang6 Heavy
Keng1 Light
Deung1 Long
Do2 Short
Dang5 Same
Joi3 Alot

Joi3 Sia1 Thanks 多谢
Si5 Or
Ngia`2 Pretty

Jing1 Ho2 Cool/Excellent* 真好
Hat2 Like

A: Leu hat ang sek si che sek?
Do you like red color or green color?

B: Ua bho hat ang sek gat che sek.
I don't like red and green.

A: Leu hat mi (kuang) sek?
What (type of) color do you like?

B: Ua hat ou sek, leu ni?
I like black, you?

A: Ua hat leu.
I like you.

B: Leu kat bui.
You are too fat.


Lesson 2: Shopping

Gui2 How Many
Diam2 Hour
Ji`5/Lui1 Money /
Hung1 Minute
Kou1 Unit of currency
Heu3 Gai5 That 许个
Gai5 Counter(thing)
Ji3 This
Di7 Which
Do6 At

Sio`6 Think
Ai`3 Want
Bhoi2 Buy
Di7 Go7 Where 底块
Ji3 Go7 Here 只块
Heu3 Go7 There 许块
Hat8 Like
Muet8 Gia`6 Thing 物件

Gui2 diam2?
What time is it?

Gui2 kou1?
How much (money)?

Leu2 do6 di7 go7?
Where are you.

Ua2 do6 ji7 go7.
I am here.

Leu2 ai`3 bhoi2 mit4gai1?
What do you want to buy?

Ua2 ai`3 bhoi2 ji3 gai5.
I want to buy this one.

Leu2 hat8 di7 gai5?
Which kind do you like?

Ua2 hat8 heu3 gai5 / ji3 gai5.
I like that one / this one.

Ji3 gai5 gui2 kou1?
How much is this?

Heu3 gai5 jap8 kou1.
That is $10.

Jap8 kou1!? Gui3 si2! Pu2 nia5 bho2!!
$10!? Too expensive! *TC Swearword*!!
十镭!? 貴死!? 操你娘!!


Lesson 1: Introduction

Ua2 I,Me
Leu2 You
Gio3 Call
Mia`1 Name
Ho2 Good
Mit4Gai1 What 乜个

A:Leu2 ho2 mo2?
How are you?

B: Ua2 ho2.
I'm good.

A: Leu2 mia`5 mit4gai1?
What is your name?

B: Ua2 mia`5...
I am named...

B: Ua2 gio3 jo2...
I am called...

Jek4 No6 Sa`1 Si3 Ngou6 Lak8 Chek4 Boit4 Gao2 Jap8
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10