Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Random Teochew Notes

  • Common romanized TC last names: Taing (Dang
  • ), Ung (Eung ), Chhor (Chua ), Chea (Chia ), Tea (Dio` ). If you meet anybody with these last names, they are probably TC.
  • If you go to the University of Washington, you can find a TC-Mandarin dictionary at Gowen East Asia Library. The dictionary uses official Guangdong pengim.
  • "Teochew" in Japanese is
  • ちょうしゅう(Chou Shuu).
  • Leu gai mama
  • 汝个妈妈 is Teochew for "Yo mama."
  • Hak Seng
  • 学生 is how you say "student" in Teochew AND Korean.
  • Q: What did the Korean camerman say when he arrived at the TC B-day party?
    A: Annyeon-hot-sia- ou! (Ohh the cheeze)

  • 周星驰 swears in TC in 食神. 楊千嬅 speaks TC in 新紮師妹 2.
  • Li Ka-Shing, richest man in Asia, is TC. Woohoo TC power!
  • "Diojiu nang jiat guchaigue (
  • 韭菜粿), man they love their guchaigue." Because it's true!
  • 77% of the Chinese in Cambodia are TC.
  • 56% of the Chinese in Thailand are TC.



At 4:31 PM, Blogger JungLeng said...

I'd say "nia bho" would be even more derogatory, and "nia ai" to be almost as derogatory as "nia bho" :)


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